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Our reputation for delivering predictable, long-term outcomes for clients is supported by more than A$14 billion1 invested in Australian and international retail and office assets.

Real estate is traditionally part of institutional investors’ portfolios because of the underlying assets’ ability to deliver long-term value enhancement, consistent yields and protection against inflation. At QIC we seek out quality assets, not quantity of deal flow, actively managing every aspect of the investment lifecycle. We have developed a reputation for delivering predictable outcomes for clients over the long term.

  • Experience - 24 years' in domestic and international real estate with over $14.3 billion1 assets under management. 
  • Long-term focus - 33 direct real estate assets with average value of circa $494 million2
  • Significant team - More than 180 professionals globally.
  • Client focus - Consistently ranked as a top perfoming client focused investment management vs peers3.
  • Discipline - We are known for our discipline, consistent returns and focus.
  • Deep expertise - We provide deal origination through to execution, asset management, leasing and development.


1As at 31 March 2015

2Includes 100% AUD value of QPF, QIFP, QGOF, QARP and FCU assets. Value as at 31 March 2015.

3 Source: Peter Lee Associates Investment Management Surveys 2009-14


What we believe

QIC’s real estate team believes in active management and value-add over the long term by managing every aspect of the investment lifecycle. Our focus is on investment return. Although we have an acquisition mandate, we maintain a disciplined approach to identify the best opportunities. An holistic view of the life cycle of our assets allows us to identify opportunities that add maximum value. We are committed to transparency, open communication and strong governance in an asset class where it really counts.

Our development program has consistently added value and set the standard for the market. We continue to deliver solid results through our leadership team’s experience and our diversified and resilient property portfolio. 



We are known for our discipline, consistent returns and focus. Our team of real estate professionals has developed a long-term strategic investment style that has been delivered over the years with conviction and discipline.

Our direct and hands-on approach enables us to maintain strategic control over our assets, while a strong development pipeline ensures we continue to provide strong returns to our clients.

Our strategic focus remains on dominant regional shopping centres located in town centres in growth corridors. The acquisition and/or development of CBD office buildings is a tactical focus.


All strategic services performed in-house

At the heart of our philosophy to add long-term value is maintaining control of our properties by performing key functions in-house including asset management, leasing, finance and development. Non-strategic functions such as design, project management and construction are tendered out. This provides strong risk management as well as invaluable intelligence into market conditions.

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